Author: Lanie Meyers

BMW is joining the electric vehicle revolution with a 300 million Euro investment in its production plant in Leipzig, Germany, where EVs will eventually take over the manufacturing plant’s production. As in any transition, the switch to EVs is not immediate, and BMW is appropriately designing the new plant upgrades to accommodate combustion engine, hybrid, and electric vehicle production at first. As demand for electric vehicles rises and BMW releases new EV designs, the plant will be able to switch production away from combustion engines and produce more hybrid and electric vehicles.

Additionally, the company has detailed new sustainability measures within the new plant systems, like less wasteful paint equipment that uses 45% less water and transportation trucks that will be hydrogen-fuel powered, which will drastically reduce the emissions of the logistics piece of the company.

With that massive of an investment in new capabilities, it is important to wonder about the quality of the new vehicles that we can hope to see in the future from the German car company. The use of Electra’s revolutionary EnPower design app (http://www.electravehicles.com/enpower) and EVE.Ai (http://www.electravehicles.com/eveai) dual chemistry systems would greatly enhance BMW’s electric vehicles to ensure the best battery design and optimized performance.