Climate Action as a Market Issue

By Lanie Meyers

While the opportunity to travel throughout Europe while living in Paris has been a wonderful learning experience, I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve been able to take the past few weeks to see different regions of France. From the expansive rocky beaches of upper Normandy to the Alsacienne city of Strasbourg and all the way south to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, I’ve gotten a taste for French culture in its many versions. While in these diverse places I noticed that French residents from all over share the same concern for their planet and future that I noticed when I first arrived in Paris (see the second installation of Electra in Europe for an in-depth discussion).

Recently, students across the world and particularly in Europe have been participating in Student Climate Strikes on Fridays for several weeks to raise awareness on climate issues and demand change for their collective future. On March 16th, upwards of 35,000 students and citizens alike took to the streets of Paris to call for further climate action. The movement has continued to gain steam as concerned citizens call for massive change to ensure a sustainable future. These type of massive, peaceful demonstrations not only motivate positive legal action but also inform markets. As this younger generation begins to search for cars, homes, and other household objects and devices, they’ll be interested in how each item they purchase impacts the environment.

Concern for climate change and the environment is not merely a trend for companies to cater to, but a shift in how we all must conduct business. While some businesses like Electra tailor our entire product line to facilitate sustainable electrification, others must evaluate their organizational impact and create sustainable operations plans. If the customer is always right, then climate change is an urgent issue and businesses must all adapt to climate action demands sooner rather than later so that markets can continue to thrive on a healing planet.