By Lanie Meyers

Welcome to the Electra Vehicles, Inc. Electra in Europe blog series. Since I’ll be living in Paris, France for the next five months, I’ve decided to take Electra with me wherever I go to explore the world of electrification in Europe. Electra is stationed in Boston, MA where our company has benefitted from the numerous startup and cleantech resources located in the city. But the switch to electric energy storage is not limited to the Boston area, nor the United States. Over the next few months I’ll be exploring how Europe has been contributing to the growing electric vehicle and innovative gadget sectors to make the world more efficient and sustainable.

The French government has been instrumental in supporting international sustainability progress like the Paris Agreement and has recently implemented multiple plans encouraging greener technology goals. French citizens seem to be quite receptive to such sustainability messaging, and it shows: according to, electric vehicle sales increased more than 111% in November of 2018 and are expected to continue along the same path of growth. Additionally, the European country utilizes a diverse mix of energies, 10% of which comes renewable energy sources and growing.

With such large opportunities in a comparatively small country, it’s easy to imagine the wealth of opportunities that exist throughout the rest of the world for expanded electrification. I hope you will join me through the end of May to discover the many possibilities that await in the electric vehicle, robotics, and renewable energy fields. At Electra Vehicles, we aim to facilitate the adoption of innovative energy storage using our EnPowerTM design software and EVE.AiTM machine learning controls. By learning more about current developments throughout the world, we can all work toward the same goals for an electrified and sustainable tomorrow.