Helping Accelerate Vehicle Electrification

Existing battery technology for EVs and consumer demands force companies to compromise on the energy and power of the cells selected for battery packs - resulting in oversized, overpriced, and underperforming battery systems. Electra's optimized design and AI-enhanced controls enable the use of novel cell technology and extend the overall system life for both single- and multi-chemistry designs. This enables comparable performance to be achieved from smaller and less-expensive energy storage systems, or drastic improvements in range and power under the same cost and size constraints.

renewables & grid

Smart Storage for the Smart Grid

Energy storage is crucial to support added renewable energy systems to maintain power quality while providing cleaner electricity. EVE.Ai and its smart controls help extend system life, and enable multi-chemistry systems to accomplish frequency regulation and energy arbitrage more effectively. Microgrids can adapt to their more complex generation and load profiles to improve performance in all conditions, while EnPower makes it easier to design these systems and improve the resiliency of the electric grid as a whole.


The Future of Transportation Deserves the Future of Energy Storage

Whether discussing drones or electric aircraft, weight reduction is paramount, yet the devices require long-term storage and a brief surge in power for takeoff. Conventional battery design is poorly situated to achieve these design criteria, but EnPower's innovative design approach yields lighter systems capable of rapid takeoff and longer flight times.


Showcasing the Capabilities of Connectivity

Robotic systems can achieve a near infinite amount of functions to support humanity through production, packaging, assembly, and the like, but mobile robotics applications remain limited in their charge to use ratio by battery technology incapable of both charging quickly and storing energy in a volumetrically efficient manner. Electra's optimized systems improve fast-charging capabilities without compromising energy density, while the adaptive controls help managers detect system faults sooner, and prolong the life of the robots.


A New Energy System for Route Planning & Frequent Stops

Electra's optimized designs and adaptive controls improve performance during periods of acceleration and braking, while route planning and extensive system connectivity help all forms of public transit adapt to various traffic conditions to improve performance. By extending the life of the transit systems, Electra makes it easier for local officials to justify electrification of their existing systems - creating a cleaner, more efficient transit system.