EVE-Ai™ Fleet Analytics

Comprehensive Analytics Designed to Maximize Fleet Uptime.


Optimize Battery Pack Control Strategy with Adaptive AI

Using AI and Machine Learning (ML) to improve range, performance, lifetime, and safety of battery packs through continuous software updates.​

Energy Storage
Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the Power of Big Data for Battery Pack Transparency and Efficiency

EVE-Ai™ Analytics makes battery pack data usable by providing key insights into on-the-road energy storage system performance.


State of Health (SOH) Insights
& Failure Prediction

Fleet-level State of Health insights beyond standard BMS measurements based on historical driving data

Isolate causes of underperforming vehicles in a fleet and implement recommendations for current and future designs and controls

Underwrite insurance products based on battery health and performance

Compare State of Health (SOH) and pack performance with EVE-Ai 360 Adaptive Controls systems to average performance without active controls

Analyze charging patterns across a fleet based on repetitive driver charging behavior

Reduce cost of ownership, return on assets, and battery degradation with charging and driving recommendations

Characterize individual driver profiles based on acceleration behaviors, cabin temperature preferences, and charging habits


Charging Pattern & Driver Behavior Analysis

Abstract Background

  • Controls recommendations based on real-time, trending, and historical battery pack data analysis ​

  • Fleet-level State of Health (SOH) calculations​

  • Charging pattern analytics and recommendations​

  • Battery fault and failure identification​

  • Top-performing vs. underperforming battery pack systems comparison in a fleet

Put Active Data to Use by Connecting EVE-Ai™ Controls to Analytics
Make the most of Analytics by feeding the platform EVE-Ai™ Adaptive Onboard Controls data through the Cloud.
EVE-Ai™ 360
Adaptive Controls

Access real-time data from battery pack performance, environmental conditions, and vehicle behavior with EVE-Ai Adaptive Controls.

Cloud Connectivity

Data is compiled, cleaned, and labeled on the Cloud. Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates occur between Analytics interface and onboard controls. 

EVE-Ai™ Analytics Interface

Analytics provides additional value with further measurements, and models of aggregate data using the proprietary EVE-Ai.

Unlock Your Data's Full Potential with EVE-Ai™ Analytics

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