Select the perfect battery for your application

  1. Decide which design factors are most important to your final energy storage results: cost, range, power, or weight
  2. Explore the cells in our battery database or add your own.
  3. Receive fast simulation results based on your specifications and preloaded drive cycle data
  4. Compare results from multiple simulations at the touch of a button to choose the optimal solution for your application

With Enpower you can

  • Access Electra’s ever-growing battery database
  • Reduce time to market and R&D
  • Predict the lifetime and reliability of your system
  • Design within your ideal system cost
  • Easily create and compare design prototypes
  • Evaluate new and novel chemistries before they go to market
  • Design single- or dual-chemistry systems

Battery Library

Enpower has access to 300+ battery brands and cell chemistries, here are some of the most popular

  • BRANDS: A123, Panasonic, Samsung, LG Chem, Toshiba, Maxwell, Skeleton, Taiyo, Yuden, Sony, AWT, BCATP, KeepPower, Sanyo ... and more.
  • CELL CHEMISTRIES: Lithium-Ion (NMC, NCA, LTO, LFP), Supercapacitors, Lithium-Capacitors, Lead Acid...and more.
  • FORM FACTORS: Cylindrical, Prismatic, Pouch Cells