EnPower™ Battery Pack Design Software for EV Cell Selection
Early e-Mobility battery selection, simulation, and comparison

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Select, Simulate, & Compare Energy Storage Systems

EnPower™ is a web-based application that ensures the best battery cell model is selected for your electric vehicle application before embarking on the extensive battery pack modeling process.

Proprietary Battery Pack Design Algorithm:

  • Reduce time to market and R&D

  • Compare simulation results easily

  • Build lighter weight, lower cost systems

Routinely Updated Battery Database:

  • Cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch form factors

  • Li-NCA, Li-NMC, LFP, LTO

  • Single and Dual Chemistry Cell Applications

  • Novel Batteries and Capacitors

Web-based interface gives access to:

  • Cloud-based application

  • Database of 300+ cells

  • Export results for Physical Modeling (in a .mat file for use in MATLAB®) and PLM Simulation (i.e. Dassault Systèmes, Altair, Ansys) 

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The Essential First Step in Any Battery Design Workflow
Choose the right cell and configuration before modeling for improved,
custom design results
Modeling of Physical Systems
PLM Software
  • Battery Pack-Level Simulation

  • Battery Cell Selection and Performance Comparison

  • Pack Performance Results in Multiple Drive Cycles

  • Thermal Pack Specifications

  • Kinematic Pack Specifications

  • Gravimetric Pack Specifications 

  • Export to .mat file for use in MATLAB®

  • Physical System Simulation

  • Electrical Simulation

  • Thermal Simulation

  • Kinematic Simulation

  • Creates control systems

  • Tests system performance

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Abilities

  • Access the EnPower™ Battery Data Kit directly in MATLAB for rapid battery selection & simulation

  • Detailed Thermal Simulation on the cell level

  • Mechanical and Packing Simulation

  • Call Ageing Simulation

  • Product Life Cycle

Cell Characterization available upon request. Contact Us for more information.

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Individual EnPower™ License
$998 / Month
12-Month Commitment Required
  • EnPower™ battery pack cell selection, simulation, and comparison access

  • Full access to 300+ cells in Battery Database

  • Customer Service included with the Electra team

Group/Floating EnPower™ License
Volume Pricing
Priced per Feature
  • Includes all individual license features

  • Add multiple seats for every member of your battery design team at a discounted rate

  • Educational Licenses available upon request 

  • Choose to include Engineering Support Hours from Electra's team of specialists

Select, Simulate, and Compare EV Batteries in Minutes
Compare system simulation results like State of Charge, electrical and gravimetric characteristics using the EnPower simulation engine.
EnPower™ Battery Pack Simulation Results

Gain a broad understanding of your entire battery pack system before launching detailed physical system and cell-level simulations with EnPower™.


EnPower™ compares battery pack simulation results from packs of differing cell configurations across multiple drive cycles for system-level results and predictions. Easily compare multiple physical pack characteristics and simulation results to choose the cell and configuration uniquely fit to your electric application before refining physical modeling and PLM simulations at the cell level.

  • Cost

  • Total System Mass

  • Cell-to-Pack Weight Ratio

  • Usable Energy

  • Pack Energy Density

  • Peak Discharge Power

  • Pack Power Density

  • Power Demand Graphs

  • System SOC Graphs

  • Gravimetric & Volumetric Characteristics

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image (9).png
Available Chemistries 

Carbon Nanocells





Lithium Capacitors 


Metal Air

Ni-Rich NMC 

Silicon Anode


Novel Batteries
& Capacitors
Lithium-Ion Batteries
Pouch Cells
Cylindrical Cells

Cell Characterization available upon request. Contact Us for more information.

The EnPower™ Battery Database
Configure battery packs for single or multi chemistry systems with a wide selection of Lithium-Ion, Novel Battery, and Capacitor cells
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EnPower™ Battery Data Kit for MATLAB®
The Power of Battery Data for use in MATLAB
$499 / Download

Bring the rapid cell selection and modeling capabilities of EnPower™ directly into MATLAB for access to essential battery data in the physical modeling software. 

  • Choose from 5 industry-leading cells from the EnPower™ Battery Database:​

    • A123 AMP20M1HD-A

    • Molicell INR21700P42A

    • Murata VTC6A

    • Panasonic NCR18650BF

    • Panasonic NCR21700A

  • Enter application specifications, State of Charge (SOC) requirements, and temperature preferences for accurate modeling through Electra's proprietary simulation algorithm​​​

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