EVE-Ai   Analytics Platform for Live Battery Data


Monitor and enhance your real-time battery pack system performance
A Live Look into Battery Pack Data
Activate individual and fleet battery pack data to monitor system performance and push over-the-air updates.

EVE-Ai    Analytics is a web-based platform that puts widely available data to use to analyze battery pack performance and refine current design and control approaches. 

  • Provides controls recommendations based on real-time, trending, and historical battery pack data analysis 

  • Push Over-the-Air (OTA) updates to individual and fleet vehicles using Cloud connectivity

  • Access detailed performance data

  • Characterize and segment behavior based on different battery pack usage

  • Compare top-performing battery pack systems from a fleet


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Put Active Data to Use by Connecting EVE-Ai    Controls to Analytics


Make the most of Analytics by feeding the platform EVE-Ai    Adaptive Onboard Controls data through the Cloud.


EVE-Ai   360 Adaptive Controls


Access real-time data from battery pack performance, environmental conditions, and vehicle behavior with EVE-Ai Adaptive Controls


Cloud Connectivity

Data is compiled, cleaned, and labeled on the Cloud. Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates occur between Analytics interface and onboard controls 

EVE-Ai   Analytics Interface


Analytics provides additional value with further measurements, and models of aggregate data using the proprietary EVE-Ai


EVE.Ai 360 Adaptive Controls
Learn more about EVE-Ai   360 Adaptive Controls


Battery pack controls for increased range, performance, lifetime, and safety.

Monitor Battery State of Health (SOH)

  • Real-time individual and aggregate data on battery cycles, driver behavior, State of Charge (SOC), temperature, and fast charge statistics

  • Compare State of Health (SOH) and performance with EVE-Ai    360 Adaptive Onboard Controls to average performance without active controls

  • Accept active controls recommendations to deploy Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates, or save strategy changes for future manual updates

Receive Charging Insights

  • Understand driver charging behavior across a fleet to create optimized charging strategies

  • Carbon Footprint Calculator computes actual energy use statistics for individual cars and entire fleet to aid in compliance with Federal tax code

  • Provide insights on at-home vs. on-the-road charging to inform Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and charging station installation strategies

Unlock Driving Insights

  • Characterize individual Driver Profiles based on acceleration behaviors, cabin temperature preferences, and charging habits

  • Compile Driver Profiles in behavior categories to create accurate models for future designs

  • Design future electric vehicles according to actual driver data behavior


Unlock the Power of Big Data for Battery Pack Monitoring and Optimization
EVE-Ai   Analytics makes battery pack data accessible and usable by providing key insights into on-the-road energy storage system performance.


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