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EMBEDDED WORLD 2023: Demoing the Adaptive Battery Digital Twin with NXP in Germany

Our team was thrilled to demonstrate Electra's Adaptive Battery Digital Twin at Embedded World 2023.

The electric vehicle (EV) landscape is rapidly evolving in response to market and performance demands, and advancements in battery technology are playing a pivotal role in driving this transformation. As we saw at the conference, the industry is continuing to shift its focus toward machine learning and cloud connectivity to advance data transfer capabilities and battery charge level and health accuracy.

Electra Vehicles, Inc. has been at the forefront of this technology, pioneering its development and deployment through the unique and proprietary combination of physics and ML-based modeling. Our team enjoyed presenting how our adaptive battery digital twin works in conjunction with NXP's in-vehicle semiconductors, which you can read about in the white paper to learn more about:

  • The definition and concept of an Adaptive Battery Digital Twin,

  • The underlying principles and mechanics of its operation,

  • Its benefits for EV battery management and performance,

  • Its deployment method using NXP’s in-vehicle semiconductors,

  • How the technology ushers in performance advancements in EV battery management

Electra’s strategic collaboration with NXP Semiconductors supports deployment of solutions for EVs as we continue to bring to market cutting-edge technology that enables more efficient and effective EV battery management.

Read the full publication here, and contact Electra's AI battery software experts to learn how to implement this essential battery performance technology in your EV applications. You can also view some behind-the-scenes videos from Embedded World 2023 here!

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