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The Essential First Step in Any Battery Design Workflow

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

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Current limitations of the Battery Pack Design Process

Commercially available lithium-ion batteries, the most commonly used chemistry for electric vehicles battery packs, are reaching the limit of their performance capabilities due to their limitations in potential energy density. This constant limitation has spurred the search for next-generation battery solutions. Unfortunately, the research, development, and testing process for selecting new cell chemistries within an application is lengthy and complex. Electra’s EnPower™ Design Suite shortens the in-house OEM research and development process by making cell selection and configuration simple.

The First Step in Your Battery Pack Design Process

EnPower™ is a web-based design application that helps guide you through the initial exploration of new battery pack solutions. It is a powerful tool for exploring both lithium-ion and novel batteries and capacitors, as well as single and dual chemistry configurations. With instant access to the battery database of over 300 cells, including commercially available and R&D cells, your battery pack designs transcend the traditional selection of Li-Ion batteries as you explore novel batteries from manufacturers around the world.

Customize Battery Selection for Your EV Application

EnPower™’s advanced algorithm allows you to quickly design and optimize for cost, weight, power, range, or a combination of these factors based on your application’s needs. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? EnPower™ makes customization easy with a few simple inputs to create your custom vehicle, battery pack, or drive cycle for the perfect battery pack design specifications. The streamlined user interface allows you to compare battery packs with the software results, ensuring that you have chosen the best possible cell for your application.

EnPower™ in the Battery Design Process

EnPower™ is not intended to be a stand-alone product, but is the essential first step in your battery design process since the software helps you identify the optimal cell for a specific application prior to detailed cell , thermal, and electrical modeling. Once you determine which are the top batteries from commercially available cells or from novel batteries for your battery pack according to your EnPower™ results, the next step of the battery design process is to use the results and begin the modeling of physical systems (eg. by using Simulink from MathWorks or a similar software). EnPower™ results contribute additionally later in the battery design process when using detailed PLM software. The battery pack design and simulation process is complex and time-consuming, so it is pertinent that the most optimal cell for your application is chosen before beginning this complicated process.

Above: A typical output from EnPower™ comparing an incumbent solution versus alternative battery choices from commercially available batteries and novel batteries in single and dual chemistry configurations.

To learn more about EnPower™, check out the product page here or send us an email at

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