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V2G Tech Solves EV & Energy Storage Markets' Pressing Problems

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

V2G Energy Storage Electric Vehicles

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) innovations are quickly overtaking the electric vehicle and CleanTech conversations worldwide as OEMs and grid companies alike search for solutions to common EV and energy issues. V2G technology presents promising results by directly reducing end user cost of ownership, increasing the available energy storage capacity in smart grids, and decreasing the wear on battery packs during fast charging by way of intelligent algorithms in both the vehicle and the charger.

While Electra Vehicles works to improve V2G capabilities from the inside vehicles using AI battery pack control algorithms, we were curious to investigate which other companies are innovating V2G technology worldwide. Here are four V2G companies to watch for as the technology continues to expand throughout clean energy spaces:

V2G Starts at the Charging Station


As pioneers of V2G innonvation since 2011, Fermata Energy’s charging stations are one of the first to facilitate bidirectional charging, allowing EV owners to either charge their vehicles or sell the charge back to the grid while plugged in according to grid demand and energy price.

Bidirectional Charging for EV Fleets


With influence in the US and European markets, Nuvve is another of the first V2G-focused companies working to make bidirectional charging the standard for all electric vehicles. Nuvve provides both vehicle and charging station technologies with a special focus on improving fleet management to enable cheaper EV ownership and increased renewable energy use.

Big Data for Local V2G Smart Grids


An OVO Group subsidiary, Kaluza is currently launching a UK trial of a V2G program that breaks the complexities of bidirectional charging down to their finer details for precise management of local grids. Their V2G strategy focuses on residential smart homes, managing the volatility of power demand in almost real-time in place of standard techniques that base demand on long term trends.

Global V2G Software and Energy Storage


With their software product, GridShare, Moixa focuses on the algorithms necessary to monitor and instruct vehicle-to-grid energy exchanges. Moixa also offers a Smart Battery for Solar Battery Storage, making smart homes a permanent fixture of the grid for a more comprehensive and sustainable V2G network. The UK company is well established in Japan and is seeking to enter the European and North American markets this year.

Interested in Electra’s V2G Battery Pack Controls?

Check out Electra’s technology page or learn more about how EVE-Ai 360 Adaptive Controls safely manage bidirectional charging by reducing battery wear with AI learning for longer range, superior performance, lifetime reassurance, and vehicle safety.

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