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Unmatched EV Performance: A Demonstration by Electra Vehicles, BlackBerry, and Tarform Motorcycles

Witness the sleek and sustainable Tarform Motorcycle as it wizzes through the streets of Brooklyn Navy Yard and the long roads of the Mohave Desert. Powered by Electra’s EVE-Ai™ 360 Adaptive Controls and EVE-Ai™ Fleet Analytics, the Tarform battery pack actively and adaptively responds to ride data supported by BlackBerry IVY. Together, the three companies combine technology to create a demonstration of the future of transportation and an unmatched rider experience.

Both Tarform and Electra recognize the need to continuously adapt a vehicle’s technology over the course of its usable lifetime in order to extend battery pack performance, remain sustainable, and continuously meet rider experience expectations. Tarform uses environmentally conscious materials to create a modular bike that can be maintenanced according to individual part needs. In a similar fashion, Electra’s EVE-Ai tackles battery pack efficiency continuously over the vehicle’s lifetime, updating the core Adaptive Cell Model according to predicted changes in battery health. The combination of both companies’ technology in one electric motorcycle is the epitome of contemporary transportation.

Electra’s EVE-Ai™ relies on a continuously updating Adaptive Cell Model that combines physics-based and machine learning models for maximized battery control accuracy and precision. The model routinely updates according to 360 degrees of input data to adapt the battery pack controls to the environment, the rider’s unique driving style, and battery data for utmost control accuracy. With the updated model, EVE-Ai™ accurately predicts probable faults and failures ahead of time. Tarform implements the same methodology in each electric motorcycle. The onboard software can predict vehicle part failure ahead of time to provide service alerts when necessary, not on a set interval.

Tarform motorcycles collect and feed data from the battery, motor, and rider to Electra EVE-Ai™’s adaptive cell model. EVE-Ai™ analyzes this data to generate actionable battery insights and active controls continuously. Tarform motorcycles feature an on-board control unit that displays the live status of the system’s health for easy visibility to the rider.

Finally, BlackBerry’s IVY allows EVE-Ai to deploy its sensors at the vehicle edge, creating an understanding of the vehicle and its environment to adaptively control the battery management system in real-time.

To learn more about the enhanced EV experience created by Tarform, BlackBerry IVY, and Electra’s EVE-Ai, contact us.

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