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BlackBerry IVY & Electra’s EVE-Ai™ Take on Secure Data Collection for AI-Powered EV Batteries

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

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As Electra Vehicles’ Co-Founder and CEO Fabrizio Martini says, “The perfect partner for your business will come when the time is right, even if you don’t expect it, and everything will click into place.” Electra Vehicles found that perfect partnership while raising Seed capital early in 2021, and the two companies have since embarked on a mission of automotive innovation.

BlackBerry, the eponymous brand known for its secure solutions found in over 195 million vehicles today, recently established the BlackBerry IVY Fund to identify next-gen automotive companies that can scale up with the advanced vehicle middleware solution. Electra and BlackBerry quickly discovered a common vision to develop a secure, data-informed solution to set the new standard for electric vehicle performance. The clear alignment, excellent collaborative relationship, and large market opportunity resulted in Electra being the BlackBerry IVY Fund’s first investment.

BlackBerry developed IVY to securely access and analyze sensor data onboard the vehicle, reducing developer friction and connectivity costs. According to BlackBerry, “BlackBerry IVY will run on the edge, inside a vehicle’s embedded systems, but will be managed and configured from the Cloud.” Through the summer, the companies have been working closely to integrate Electra’s EVE-Ai™ 360 Adaptive Controls components with IVY to optimize electric vehicle battery pack functionality.

The partnership marks a key milestone for Electra as the fast-growing startup prepares its AI-based EV battery software for deployment with BlackBerry IVY. Electra’s EVE-Ai 360 Adaptive Controls will use IVY synthetic sensors to ingest 360 degrees of environmental, driver, and battery data. Accurate and safe data collection is necessary for any machine learning technology, but especially so for EVE-Ai; the advanced algorithm uses ML to continuously update an Adaptive Cell Model for the most accurate understanding of battery pack health over the entire lifetime, including at the end-of-life (EOL). EVE-Ai then makes actionable recommendations to drivers and vehicle systems for extended range, lifetime, and battery performance. IVY will also ensure secure data collection for EVE-Ai sensors through the platform’s data abstraction layer, preserving driver or fleet privacy and reliable safety functions.

BlackBerry IVY is one of the many partners Electra has added to its ecosystem of industry leaders in its effort to launch intelligent, active controls that revolutionize battery systems. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has supported Electra since 2016, with ongoing development by way of the IVY and AWS partnership. Additionally, MathWorks, creators of MATLAB®/Simulink®, selected Electra’s EnPower™ Battery Design software to include in its Connections Partnership program in 2020.

Electra is proud to announce that exciting new developments regarding the IVY and EVE-Ai partnership are on the horizon. CES 2022 attendees will have the chance to see the results of these collaborative efforts up-close and in person this January. Until then, sign up for Electra’s newsletter here or reach out to us at

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