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Control, Analyze, and Design Innovative Battery Packs
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360 Adaptive Controls for Battery Packs


First Step
Battery Pack Design Software
EVE-Ai   360 Adaptive Controls
for Battery Packs


Active and adaptive battery pack controls for increased range, performance, lifetime, and safety. Use applied AI techniques to create a 360 control strategy and an adaptive battery model that accounts for each condition impacting your battery performance. Deploy optimized controls through Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates.

  • Longer Range

  • Faster Charging
  • Extended Service Life
  • Optimized Battery Fleet Management
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Maximized Security & Satefy
360 Adaptive  Controls


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Learn more about how Electra uses 360 degrees of data to inform our AI models.

EVE-Ai   Analytics Platform for Live Battery Pack Data


Gain immediate insight into battery pack performance and user behavior with continuous battery monitoring and live data updates. Improve your battery pack control and design approaches with real-time, onboard sensor data back-end cleaning, labeling, and interpreting. 

  • Obtain full transparency

  • Analyze detailed, aggregate battery pack data 

  • Segment user profiles for future design & controls updates

  • Monitor fleet charging behavior and V2X communication

  • Compare top-performing battery pack systems

  • Receive controls recommendations

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Learn more about real-time battery pack improvement using AI models.

Reduce design time and cost by running rapid battery pack design simulations and compare results. Select cells from a database of over 300 batteries and capacitors to run virtual drive cycle simulations for design results custom to your application.

  • Reduce time to market and R&D cost

  • Choose Li-Ion or Novel Batteries from extensive battery database

  • Upload custom batteries, vehicles, and mission profiles or choose from our extensive database

  • Quickly design a battery pack 

  • Compare simulation performance across battery chemistries and configurations

  • Export results for Physical Modeling (i.e. MATLAB, Simulink) and PLM Simulation (i.e. Dassault Systèmes, Altair, Ansys) 

  • Download the Electra EnPower    Battery Design Tool for MATLAB for 5 cells of EnPower data accessible directly in MATLAB

EnPower   Battery Pack
Design Software



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Learn more about exploring and comparing the world of cell chemistries and configuraions.

Electra: Experts in AI and EV Technology

The future is electric. Electra envisions a world where energy storage expands throughout multiple sectors, reaching global electrification goals, and we intend to take part by removing battery technology barriers.


Electra's team of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and electric vehicle experts work hard to develop innovative software technology solutions to today's biggest electrification problems. With the latest in Machine Learning (ML) and access to over 300 cell models for simulation, Electra is equipped to enable current battery pack technology for optimal range, performance, lifetime, and safety across multiple applications and industries.

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Learn More About the Electra Team and the company's journey.

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Electra is a Boston, USA based B2B software company focused on accelerating electrification by producing software solutions tackling todays biggest problems in energy storage.

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