Ensure peak EV performance with
EVE-Ai™ 360 Adaptive Controls

Leverage onboard AI-powered battery software to optimize battery charging and enable battery fault predictability. Ensure the best battery controls are being used for the given conditions at all times with cloud updates.

Transform performance and drivability

Optimize batteries
with AI algorithms

Leverage adaptive controls to increase battery lifetime, range, and improve charging performance.

Improve EV safety with fault risk and lifetime insights

Enable battery fault predictability to minimize the frequency of battery failures and maximize battery usage.

Elevate the driving experience

Drive electric vehicle (EV) momentum with improved battery safety, reduced battery failures, and precise estimate ranges.

Leverage AI-powered battery intelligence

Increase EV adoption with advanced accuracy and unprecedented predictability embedded into onboard battery pack software. Leverage sophisticated AI-powered battery intelligence to analyze internal battery data, driver behavior, road conditions, charging patterns, and weather conditions. A real-time response to State of Charge (SoC), SoH, Remaining Useful Life (RUL), and fault risk ensures battery charging optimization and battery fault predictability.

Prioritizing partnerships

At Electra, collaboration is a critical part of our process. Our partnerships include hands-on support to enable the seamless integration of onboard battery pack software during the vehicle design and production phase. The Electra team can set you up for success—with AI-powered battery intelligence directly embedded into EVs, you can achieve battery fault predictability and charging optimization.


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Learn more about how Electra can empower your organization with the latest in battery performance technology.

EVE-Ai™ 360 Fleet Analytics

Enable data-driven decision making—access actionable, accurate insights on battery health.


EVE-Ai™ Intelligent Display

Deliver personalized EV range and SoC estimates at destination directly to your drivers.