Unleash a superior EV driving experience

Establish trust in electric vehicle (EV) technology and create a more sustainable future with improved battery performance—take EV drivers further than ever before.

Establishing trust in EV technology

At Electra, we are driven to transform EV battery systems and evolve sustainable transportation solutions. Our approach to advancing battery innovation is built upon a foundation of trust, transparency, and integrity with our stakeholders, customers, and the wider industry. With driver behavior analysis continually refining the EV driving experience, we are taking EV drivers further than ever before.

Provide drivers with game changing insights

Electra’s dynamic, intelligent battery technology is embedded directly into EV systems and integrated into the cloud. Machine learning modeling, holistic inputs, sensory and battery data captures driver behavior. Comprehensive driver behavior analytics create more accurate predictions, and enable route optimization, to ensure a superior EV driving experience.

Maximize driving potential

Analyze charging patterns

Leverage EVE-Ai™ 360 Adaptive Controls—optimize battery charging with AI-powered battery intelligence.

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Reduce range anxiety for drivers

Leverage EVE-Ai™ Intelligent Display to deliver real-time, precise estimates of battery charge.

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