Add AI-powered software to optimize battery performance

Maximize battery efficiency and reliability with Electra’s intelligent battery management systems. Increase ROI, gain competitive advantage, and achieve customer satisfaction.

Exceed battery performance expectations

At Electra, we are committed to maximizing the safety, health, and lifetime performance of battery systems. Driven by data, powered by collaboration, and built upon trust, we are fearless in our pursuit to revolutionize the battery management system. Accountable and transparent at every step, we constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in EV performance.

Optimize with AI-powered battery intelligence

Leverage sophisticated AI algorithms embedded into the core functionality of onboard and cloud battery pack software systems. A comprehensive set of data inputs provides real-time analysis enabling extended driving ranges, faster charging times, and longevity. Optimize battery charging and achieve battery fault predictability with adaptive controls.

Maximize fleet performance

Set new standards in EV fleet management

Leverage EVE-Ai™ 360 Fleet Analytics for real-time data analysis on battery health.

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Achieve accurate range estimates

Access onboard AI-powered battery software with EVE-Ai™ 360 Adaptive Controls—enable battery fault predictability.

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