Enhance battery design and performance with predictive battery analytics

Harness the power of data-driven insights—enable real-time monitoring to improve fleet productivity, optimize battery design, and enhance overall battery safety and reliability for EVs and beyond.

Solving electrification with predictive battery analytics

Electra’s data-driven approach enables a thoughtful and analytical process to solve electrification’s most pressing hurdles. By reimagining practical solutions and innovating in a world where battery performance capabilities are limitless, we are charging forward, delivering revolutionary AI-enabled, battery technology.

Maximize what your data can do

By leveraging the wealth of data collected through first party interactions, Electra’s fleet performance analytics platform can produce the most advanced, accurate, and actionable driver behavior insights to enable the best battery performance. Whether its direct sensor data from EVE.AI™ Fleet Analytics, or laboratory testing data that is integrated into the EnPower™ solution, Electra empowers drivers, operators, and battery designers with enhanced battery usage pattern understanding based on real insights and physics-based modeling.

Improve battery performance

Make informed decisions on electric vehicle fleet usage

Leverage EVE-Ai™ 360 Fleet Analytics to reveal accurate insights into the battery health of each vehicle in an EV fleet.

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Optimize battery pack design

Turn battery testing into an agile process with EnPower™ Design Studio and Digital Twins.

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