EVE-Ai™ Intelligent Display

Harness the power of real-time insights for electric vehicle (EV) drivers—leverage driver behavior analysis, route optimization for EVs, trip planning assistance, and accurate range estimation.

Advanced accuracy meets predictability

Access real-time insights for EV drivers

Capture impactful driver inputs into systems from acceleration and braking efficiency to variable speed.

Achieve route optimization for EVs

Observe and account for speed limits on routes, traffic speed along waypoints, and slope and elevation change.

Leverage EV trip planning assistance

Access insights on weather conditions, external temperature, and change in traffic conditions.

Electra's range expert eliminates range anxiety

Achieve accurate range estimation

Harness the power of advanced intelligent software to achieve personalized range estimates. Keep drivers informed with accurate range estimation and energy usage throughout their entire planned journey, and continuously perfect driver performance leveraging driver behavior analytics from every trip. Powerful insights keep drivers informed about whether they need to recharge the battery or if they can complete longer journeys without stopping.

Collaborate to maximize driving potential

A partnership with Electra can help ensure seamless integration of EVE-Ai™ Intelligent Display into existing systems. The onboarding process provides comprehensive support, guiding you through each step to achieve full integration. Upon completion, successfully deliver accurate range estimation to elevate the EV driving experience.


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