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Accelerate the transition towards an all-electric future with advanced battery insights, models, and machine learning for battery manufacturers, OEMs, and fleet operators.


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At Electra, we are dedicated to enhancing battery design, performance, and fleet management. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights extracted from AI-powered battery intelligence onboard and in the cloud, we are evolving battery performance at every turn. Realize the rewards of advanced efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of battery design and EV technology.

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energy storage systems OnePager

Stationary Energy Storage One-Pager

View more details about how to secure your business and maximize your ROI by leveraging advanced technology for battery monitoring, management and protection.

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Designing Safer, Smarter and More Connected Battery Management Systems

This paper examines trends that are changing the structure of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and EV powertrains and how the technologies within battery management system (BMS) are shifting to support the requirements of safer, smarter vehicles.

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Product Details One-Pager

Get product details on the most advanced AI/ML-based ‘Brain for Batteries’ software solutions to facilitate the profitable, efficient, and safe deployment of electric vehicles (EVs), eVTOLs/UAM, energy storage systems (ESS), robots, and more.

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