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Electra's CEO Fabrizio Martini on "Get In: The Connected Vehicle Podcast"

Listen to the podcast on BlackBerry’s The Connected Vehicle Podcast, on Apple Podcasts, or on Spotify

Fabrizio Martini, Electra Vehicle’s CEO and Co-Founder, joins Steve Kovsky, the Editorial Director at BlackBerry and host of “Get In: The Connected Vehicle Podcast From BlackBerry”, to discuss the future of eMobility and transportation at large.

Electra was developed by CEO Fabrizio Martini when he worked as a Principal Investigator for a NASA project, which formed the heart of Electra’s technology: a focus on battery pack design, predictive battery analytics, and active battery system controls. Martini and his team then applied this technical methodology to the eMobility and energy space to enhance EV batteries to a new level of performance.

Nations around the world are taking action to implement sustainable technologies, and, according to Martini, consumers and the US government itself are “...really supportive of innovative technologies that can help the transition to green technologies to reduce the environmental impact of mobility, transportation, and more.”

With support from consumers, governments, OEMs, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers increasing, the production and utilization of electric vehicles is on the rise. Martini foresees “...more and more electric vehicles. This is an unstoppable wave.” With technologies such as Electra’s EVE-Ai™, or the “brain for batteries,” electric vehicle adoption is safer, with extended EV range and elongated battery pack longevity.

Listen to the podcast on BlackBerry’s The Connected Vehicle Podcast, on Apple Podcasts, or on Spotify

Electra’s “brain for batteries” can be deployed in any electric vehicle application, regardless of battery chemistry type. Our team of AI and ML experts has developed an Adaptive Cell Model with several modules of improvements, including but not limited to Velocity Recommendations for extended range; Route Optimization and Overnight Charging for extended battery lifetime; and Dynamic State of Charge for additional miles of range in any given trip.

Electra is able to implement this “brain for batteries” with the help of BlackBerry IVY. Our technology collects external and internal data from the vehicle, which is fed into EVE-Ai™'s Adaptive Cell Model, to provide recommended battery performance improvements that adapt to the incoming data over time for continuously improving results.

These improvements are made possible by Edge and Cloud Computing, done primarily by our partner BlackBerry IVY using services by AWS. “BlackBerry IVY acts as a middleware and helps to collect all this data” from sensors and synthetic sensors, helping “to develop applications and protocols” like those included in our EVE-Ai™ Modules.”

Be sure to listen to the full conversation on BlackBerry’s The Connected Vehicle Podcast, on Apple Podcasts, or on Spotify. For more information on EVE-Ai™ 360 Adaptive Controls, visit our website or contact us.

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